Name: TiptonWare
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Name: Dauby
Review: I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work!!!
From somebody who grew up playing these games & systems.
I can tell that you really care about what you are doing.
Your hard drive sets are a work of art!
Love the 80\'s music in the Jukebox :)
You are truly preserving the past so that it is not forgotten...


Name: Chad
Review: Just received my arcade hard drive, Super Fast Shipping. This thing is great I'm very happy its time to relive my childhood THANKS!!!!!!


Name: Chris
Review: Just purchased Monday the 28th and it was delivered on the 2nd. Its a USB 3.0 HD. Plugged it in and everything worked perfectly. This is the second time I used TIPTONWARE. Can't beat the price and the time it took to configure this hard drive. If you have never used this website just try it once, you will be hooked.


Name: An old customer
Review: Courteous, reliable, dedicated and experienced.  I stumbled upon Tiptonware just over ten years ago.  Ten years is a testament of quality and the depth of content is likely a reflection of this.  All content is exceptionally thorough, resourceful, and meticulously organized. I cannot imagine the time that has been invested; ultimately, necessitated over the years.  Regardless, should you be wondering if you should invest in something from this site, then QUIT wondering. Ten years ago the quality, communication, & prompt level of service was reason enough to remember this service.  Ten years later those characteristics not only remain, but are still demonstrated, and recently my purchase reaffirmed these qualities and if there was a standard of excellence, it has been achieved. You are purchasing years of knowledge, experience, and collective resources all of which are accessible & most importantly Tiptonware delivers.  Rest assured, you will not be disappointed~  _ivansword_


Name: Lester
Review: Top notch seller, great product. Thanks TiptonWare!


Name: Andy
Review: WoW! A lot of work went into this Hard drive and it's packed FULL of goodies. I only had to change a few config files to match my particular setup on a 40in screen, but it's plug and play for sure. Let me say WOW once more. Thanks a bunch Tiptonware!!!


Name: Dale
Review: Just picked up two of Tipton's Arcade hard drives for Christmas presents. First impressions, they arrived in the mail very well protected.  Next, I booted them up to check them out and works flawless.  It is insane how much time must have done into this project.  I appreciate the dedication gone into making my experience a pleasant one with this cool frontend to access all the games.  All I can say is if you already have one congratulations, if not buy one.  Thank you


Name: JT
Review: This is a fantastic service  that saved me countless hours as I set up my home arcade. Well worth it.



Name: Jeff M
Review: I have 5 different drive set-ups like this.

TitonWare is the best by far!

The other drives don't evan compare!

BUY THIS DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!


Name: Michele
Review: It's only fantastic!!!
Thx from Italy!!!

Cya Tipton!!!!


Name: TimTim
Review: This is the best way to play. Its very easy to used and works great. Everyone I know loves it.

Name: Un-named Arcade Fan
Review: Wow!  This drive is amazing.  I was not sure about "The Best Drive in the World" claim.  Well, I am a beleiver now.  Thank you Tipton for providing this great service to the retro community. I can not image how much time you have invested into this project.
Many thanks!


Name: Rick
Review: Excellent service. The drive is absolutly amazing. Will definatly tell my retrogaming friends.


Name: Aaron
Review: Have purchased a new drive every year or so and have never been dissapointed. Great service and amazing setup.


Name: Flomas
Review: Thanks for always being willing to answer all my dumb questions!!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Name: Wojtek
Review: Thank you Tiptoware, great work! great Service! great drive!


Name: James
Review: very impressed with the drive, thank you


Name: Craig
Review: Drive works great. Had to do a few tweaks for mapping buttons but saved me alot of time. Shipping was fast. Thanks Tiptonware for providing this service


Name: Shane
Review: Great drives, i have 5 different versions of sets.
Cheers for great service


Name: bokkendo
Review: Geat service!
Very friendly and will help you with any questions or issues you have.
A great value!


Name: Martin
Review: His sets have kept me in the game. He has done all the hard work when it comes to the configuring, so all you have to do is plug and play.


Name: Tyson
Review: Amazing stuff!  Very quick, plug and play setup is phenomenal!  
THE BEST burner in the USA.


Name: Tom
Review: Great service and they are very helpful with all questions asked! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Name: Alex
Review: This is the BEST rom burning service in the WORLD. NO JOKE.


Name: Dave
Review: Very impressive! Fast shipping, but most importantly, he offers great customer service! He answered all my emails in a timely manner and got me going with my setup. I highly recommend it to anyone. What sold me was the Taito Type X-2 and the future pinball roms. Nobody offers them and are extremely difficult to find to get going. Save yourself the headaches of trying to do this yourself. Get a tiptonware drive and call it good! 10/1/12