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Mame32 Windows Installation

Install MAME using only 40Mb of space on your hard drive

any good ideas for tutorials let me know!



M.A.M.E. Links

M.A.M.E. News - MameWorld


Official M.A.M.E. Website - MameDev.org


The Ultimate Rom Organizer - ClrMamePro


Good Place to pick Up Mame Extras - Emu-France

MAME32 Emulators - MameUI


Emulators for console roms - Arcade@Home


Emulators for arcade roms - Arcade@Home


Emulators for all roms - Zophar's Domain

Zophar's domain has LOTS of spam and spyware, be careful



Other Cool Links

Nintendo controller with USB connection - RetroUSB
M.A.M.E. Tokens (Just like the arcade)- ArcadeReplay


Non-M.A.M.E. Links

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Web Hosting company - eHostDirect
Remember College..... - http://www.tiptonware.com/School_Work/school_work.htm