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<< Question 1 >>
How do I use X-Arcade controller with the frontend setup?

<< Question 2 >>

How do I change the controller settings for SNES emualtor?

<< Question 3 >>
How do I change the controller settings for NES emualtor?

<< Question 4 >>
Got my arcade hd today ,everything works except the dreamcast games,it shows the video previews,but when you press enter to get to a game it does nothing. Error says MSVCP100.dll is missing,any ideals?

<< Question 5 >>
How do I enable cheating in Mame?

<< Question 6 >>

How do I enable my spinner, trackball, and mouse in Mame?

<< Question 7 >>
How do I enable 64 bit version of mame on my TiptonWare Arcade Hard Drive?

<< Question 8 >>
How do I setup the controls for Atari 5200?

<< Question 9 >>
How do I setup the controls for Zinc?

<< Question 10 >>
Windows Media player (or some other media player) starts when the Saturn emulator is suppose to start?

<< Question 11 >>
How do I get Daemon Tools (for the CD Rom games) installed properly?

<< Question 12 >>
Saturn loads to a black screen only?

<< Question 13 >>

How to setup controls in Mednafen?

<< Question 14 >>
Sega CD opens but stops at a CD drive window and never loads the game?

<< Question 15 >>
Turbo Grafx CD stops at CD drive screen and wont load game?

<< Question 16 >>

Can not find Dolphin.ini in either of these folders?

<< Question 17 >>
Can not find ScummVM.ini?

<< Question 18 >>
Mame has error about cant find rom with extention 7z?

<< Question 19 >>

Preview videos for TurboGrafxCD are not being displayed?




<< Answer 1 >>
My friend Jim let me borrow a real X-Arcade controller to figure this out.
The mame and frontend files on x-arcades website seem to overcomplicate things.

The easy way to get the X-Arcade controller to work with this entire setup, is to make a custom setup, on the X-Arcade. 

The below is a tutorial on how to program the X-Arcade to work with all the emulators much eaiser.

<< Answer 2 >>

Be careful with this one...

Super Nintendo emulator is NOT a gui, which means you have to run it with a command line operation.
    Go into the super nintendo folder
    Open zsnesw.cfg using notepad. 
    To get the gui to display you have to modify this script.

scroll down till you see this

;  ----
; -- GUI --
;  ----

; Disable GUI (0 = NO, 1 = Yes)

Change it to 0 so it looks like this

Now save the file and run the emulator and it will open to the gui so you can play with the settings. make a backup of everything so you dont hose the whole emulator. :)

<< Answer 3 >>
Go to the NES folder and open the emualtor (nestopia.exe).
On the Menu bar select Options then Input.
Make the necessary changes and press OK.
    Sometime the OK button is actually out of the screen and you have to move the Input window UP to see the OK button.

<< Answer 4 >>
When this emulator was developed the programmer used some of the standard Microsoft programming tools.  You will also need these basic programs installed on your computer if they are not already installed.

*Install these in the below order; C++ first, then DirectX

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer

<< Answer 5 >>
step1: download cheat.zip to your mame folder
get it here,
step2: enable cheating in mame.ini
Use notepad to open mame.ini, located in mame\ini folder
Find this:
cheat 0

Change it to this:
cheat 1

close and save mame.ini

now when you play a mame game that has cheat options, press tab and look for 'Cheat'

<< Answer 6 >>
Use Notepad to open this file

Scroll down till you see this
coin_lockout 1
mouse 0
joystick 1

Change 0 to 1 after mouse, to look like this
coin_lockout 1
mouse 1
joystick 1

<< Answer 7 >>
By default the 32 bit version of mame is enabled.
*Use notepad and open this file
*Find this line
*Change it to
*Save and exit
Now your using the custom complied 64 bit version of MAME

<< Answer 8 >>
You have to type RETURN in for the 'Start' button, the rest of the buttons seem to work ok?
This is a screenshot that might help...

<< Answer 9 >>
The easiest way to change the controls in Zinc, is to do it manually.

In your Zinc folder use notepad and open controller.cfg

You will also need to open dik_codes.txt for a list of the values for all the keys.


Player one coin is set to keyboard button 5. 

Open dik_codes.txt and find this line #define DIK_5 0x06
this means that keyboard button 5 is represented by hex number 06

Now open controller.cfg and look under [player1] and see what coin equals. 

So if you wanted to change player 1 coin to keyboard button 8, it would change to this

This comes from dik_codes.txt, the line for keyboard button 8 is #define DIK_8 0x09

<< Answer 10 >>
You need to disable autoplay for the CD drive.  Daemon Tools mounts the disk image, then the media player tries to play it and stops the emualtor.

Go to your windows desktop,
click start -> control panel -> default programs -> Change autoplay settigs->
set Audio CD to 'Take no Action'

<< Answer 11 >>
Daemon Tools needs to setup correctly on your computer. 

If Daemon tools in already installed, uninstall it and try the following.

Go to 'DaemonTools' folder and click DTLite.exe
This will setup a virtual drive (DT) on your computer

You also need a SCSI drive installed, so open Daemon Tools and add a SCSI drive.

The SCSI drive is what you will use for the emulators.


If you do the above and get an error 'Unable to add adapter', you have to delete the registry files for SPTD (a SCSI pass through driver)that Daemon Tools uses.

1) Open regedit. And find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\sptd.

2) Delete that folder "sptd" in the registry. If you can't, just right-click the folder, and click Permissions. Ask for "Full Control". Do this also to a sub-folder of "sptd" namely "cfg" (i actually already deleted it so i forgot). Just find ways to delete the "sptd" folder in the registry.

3) Now rename or delete the 'sptd.sys' file found on Windows\system32\drivers.

4) Uninstall Daemon Tools and reboot compter.

5) Install the version of Daemon tools that is on the Arcade Hard Drive (it works), reboot the computer.

6) Open Daemon tools and add the SCSI drive, it will ask you to reboot.

7) Finally open Daemon Tools and add the SCSI drive and note the drive letter so you can set it up in the emulators.

<< Answer 12 >>
Two things to check:

In the 'Modules' folder, open SSF.ahk, using notepad
Find this line
CDDrive := IniReadCheck(settingsFile, "Settings", "CDDrive","1",,1)
change the 1's to 0's, save and try it out.  if that does not work
change the numbers to 2, save and try it again.  keep changing the number
by one to see if that works.

Now verify that the emulator settings are ok for the Saturn emulaotr.
go to 'SegaSaturn' folder and use notepad to open SSF.ini

Under the 'Peripheral' section, make sure the 2 below settings are correct.

<< Answer 13>>
Once the emulator has opened a game, press Alt+Shift+1

Mednafen will then put up something like Up (1)

When you press the key for up it will change to Up (2)

If you only want one key for up, press the same key again and Mednafen will move on to Down (1)

If you want more than one key to do the same thing (i.e. one of the buttons) you'd press that on (2). Pressing the same key again tells Mednafen to move on.

<< Answer 14>>
You have to set the emulator to the correct disk drive.  Go to the SegaCD game folder and open the emullator.  Once opened press the right mouse button the display the menu. Now go to 'Options', then 'CD Drive', check a disk drive. 

Now press Alt+F4 to exit the emulator.  if it does not work repeat the process and choose a different CD Drive.  

<< Answer 15>>
Go to TurboGrafx CD folder and use notepad to open pce.ini

find this line

put the drive letter for your Daemon Tools SCSI drive

save and close. try the emulator again...

<< Answer 16>>
Some system files have to be on your computer so install the program to the default location C:\Program Files\Dolpin

go to \TiptonWareArcade\Emulators\Nintendo WiiWare

*Pick the program that matches your computer*
If your computer is a 64bit machine (x64) use dolphine x64-4.0.2
If your computer is a 32bit machine (x86) use dolphine x86-4.0.2

**If you dont know which you have**
on your desktop, click Start then go over and right click on Computer, then choose Properties

look for 'system type'

<< Answer 17>>
Go to \TiptonWareArcade\Emulators\ScummVM
double click scummvm.exe

*This will create a system folder on your computer that is necessary
**downlaod this to your new folder.

For your case the zip file goes here
where 'UserName' is the user name your logged in on

extract it and overwrite everything in that folder.

<< Answer 18>>
The file extention of the mame roms has to match in the configuration files:

Make sure the roms are .zip format and change the settings to match here
use notepad and open this file on your hard drive

find this line
change it to this, if its not already

<< Answer 19>>
The preview videos are not named correctly and need to match the other files in the setup.  I made a batch file to do the work for you.
download this
put it here .\TiptonWareArcade\Media\NEC TurboGrafx-CD\Video
extract to the folder and double click the .bat file

OLD SKOOL FAQ (Mame Sets on DVDs)

1.Simpsons Bowling has an error, BAD EEPROM?

2.Final Burn Alpha:  How do I change the button configuration (keyboard remapping)?

3.I am using a Linux system and can not read a UDF DVD, like Daphne Disk 3?  How do I read this disk?


1.) Simpsons Bowling has an error, BAD EEPROM?

To play this game you have to have three files





You have to tell the game to run in service mode


When the error shows up hold F2 and tap F3.  Do not let go of F2.  This will reboot the arcade and run in service mode.  This only has to be done one time, the machine remains in service mode.


2.) Final Burn Alpha:  How do I change the button configuration (keyboard remapping)?


The following tutorial was submitted by T.Scoma

These instructions along with the .ini file can be downloaded on the downloads page here

To create the default key mappings for all games in Final Burn Alpha.

1) Select 'Game', 'Load Game'.

2) Choose a 6 button game like X-Men vs. Street Fighter, click on 'OK' button.

3) Press 'F5' to bring up 'Map Game Inputs' window.

4) Change whatever key mappings you want to change by double-clicking and pressing the new key to be mapped, and click on 'OK' button when finished.

5) Select 'Game', 'Exit Emulator'.

6) Go to the following hard drive letter/path that you installed Final_Burn to:

            ex D: drive...                  D:\Final_Burn\config\games\

7) Open the game .ini that you remapped the keys for in NotePad...

            ex X-Men vs Street Fighter          D:\Final_Burn\config\games\xmvsfur1.ini

8) Using NotePad, you can see the hex 'switch' values for the keys you selected.

9) Copy the included file '6button.ini' to the following Final_Burn directory"

            ex D: drive...                  D:\Final_Burn\config\presets\6button.ini

9) Open the file you just copied in another NotePad instance.

10) The '6button.ini' file uses the generic key references rather than each specific game key reference.  Use the hex switch values from the games .ini file that you opened first to modify the hex switch values in the '6button.ini' file.  My mappings from the '6button.ini' are as follows:

input  "P1 Coin" switch 0x06 -> 5
input  "P1 Start" switch 0x02 -> 1
input  "P1 Up" switch 0xC8 -> Up arrow
input  "P1 Down" switch 0xD0 -> Down arrow

input  "P1 Left"

switch 0xCB -> Left arrow
input  "P1 Right" switch 0xCD -> Right arrow
input  "P1 fire 1" switch 0x08 -> 7
input  "P1 fire 2" switch 0x23 -> H
input  "P1 fire 3" switch 0x0A  -> 9
input  "P1 fire 4" switch 0x0B -> 0
input  "P1 fire 5" switch 0x2C -> Z
input  "P1 fire 6" switch 0x2D -> X
input  "P2 Coin" switch 0x07 -> 6
input  "P2 Start" switch 0x03 -> 2
input  "P2 Up" switch 0x13 -> R
input  "P2 Down" switch 0x21 -> F
input  "P2 Left" switch 0x20 -> D
input  "P2 Right" switch 0x22 -> G
input  "P2 fire 1" switch 0x1E -> A
input  "P2 fire 2" switch 0x1F -> S
input  "P2 fire 3" switch 0x10 -> Q
input  "P2 fire 4" switch 0x11 -> W
input  "P2 fire 5" switch 0x17 -> I
input  "P2 fire 6" switch 0x25 -> K
input  "Reset" switch 0x3D -> F3
input  "Diagnostic" switch 0x3C -> F2
input  "Service" switch 0x3B -> F1

11) Save your changes to the '6button.ini' file.

12) Go to the following hard drive letter/path that you installed Final_Burn to and delete ANY and ALL files in that subdirectory:

            ex D: drive...                  D:\Final_Burn\config\games\*.*

13) Fire up Final Burn Alpha again if you closed it.

14) Load up the same game you originally remapped (or another 6 button game)... ex. X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

15) Press F5 to bring up the 'Map Game Inputs' window.

16) Click the leftmost down arrow in the "Make selection in all three drop-down windows, click appropriate button."

17) Select 'Player 0' (yes, Player 0 really means Player 1 settings).

18) Select '6 button' at the middle down arrow.

19) Click 'Make default' button.  This should change the key mappings for Player 1 to your custom mappings.

20) Go back to Steps 16-19 except choose 'Player 1' in Step 17 this time.

21) Your default key mappings for Player 1 and Player 2 should now be set for all games, regardless of the number of buttons the game uses.

22) Click 'OK' button to close 'Map Game Inputs' window.

23) If you open any other games, your custom key mappings should be set already.

3.) How to read / mount a UDF formated disk using Linux

Some linux systems will not automount the disk,

Type the following command in the shell to get around it. 

mount -t udf /dev/cdrom /cdrom


-Thanks to R.Albright for this FAQ