TiptonWare.com – Mame v159 - Arcade Hard Drive


e-mail: tiptonware@gmail.com





Setup X-Arcade controller for TiptonWare.com Arcade Hard Drive.





Challenge a coworker to a friendly game of Tetris!

Tetris Challenge 140Kb




Official MAME Theme song

MameThemesong 7.6Mb




Background music

 for your arcade cabinet (rap)

Lil Flip - Game Over Instrumental 5.1Mb

50 Cent - In Da Club Instrumental 5.7Mb




Final Burn button configuration change (keyboard re-mapping) tutorial

FBremap.zip 4Kb




Visual Pinball version 7 (no expiration)

Pinball_v7.zip 500Kb




Future Pinball (no expiration)

Future_Pinball.zip 24Mb





M.A.M.E. Desktop Wallpaper


5 different resolutions - pick the best for your video settings 





This is the Ultimate Arcade Cabinet Design on the web

LuSiD’s Arcade Flashback Cabinet Plans Revision 7 

Website - http://www.lusid.net/arcade/





Miniature Arcade cabinets, no literally 4" tall paper cabinets! 

Print out, cut and fold.  Presto a decorative piece on your desk for everyone to envy... 

6 cabinets to choose from!